Alien Attack
IMG 2078

Directed, Edited & Written by

Hazem Daher


Lea EL Sayed; Jad Daher; Lara El Sayed

Views (hundreds)


Running Time

4 minutes

Recording Date

October 26, 2012

Release Date(s)

November 11, 2012


A meteor strikes in Area 51 and an alien came out. The government has to find a way to destroy it before it destroys the world.


A meteor struck in Area 51. An alien came out of the fire and entered the human world. The government was immediately informed of the strike and the alien, headmaster of the science department in the USA was informed and he ordered his assistants to send Robot X to stop it.

However, after a long battle with the alien, Robot X disfunctioned and fell on the ground. The headmaster of the science department went with his assistants to the battle scene and shoot the alien with a laser gun. His assistants shoot it with regular guns but it was only injured and still alive. The headmaster of the science department ordered his army to bring down a Hellstorm Missile which killed the alien.

Finally, the alien was shown dead, but its stomach cracked and a baby alien came out.


- The alien is half-human and half-alien.

- The end scene hints for a sequel which will air in 2013.

- Alien Attack is the second most viewed movie on HLJ Movies after Mr. Experiments!


The end scene hints for a sequel as an alien is still alive on Earth. The sequel will be called "Alien Attack II" and will be released in 2013. It began filming on May 25, 2013.


Year Award Category Outcome
2012 HLJ Best Movie Film - Best Movie Nominated
2013 HLJ People's Choice Award People's Choice Nominated