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This is the original 2012 movie poster.

The film series contains two films: Alien Attack & Alien Attack II.


Alien Attack (2012)Edit

Main Article: Alien Attack

A meteor struck in Area 51 and an alien came out. The government is out to stop it by sending Robot X to do the job but it fails. Then, the president of the science department and his assistants go to stop the alien themselves...Read More

Alien Attack II (2013)Edit

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The film started filming on May 25, 2013. It is directed & written by Hazem Daher.

Alien II sent a message to it's planet to start an invasion on Earth and eventually destroy it. Humans, led by super-genius scientist Kim Campbell, are struggling to stop the aliens.


There might be a third film because there has been a rumor that the film series would be a trilogy but it is not confirmed yet.

Cast & CharactersEdit

Character Film Film
Alien Attack Alien Attack II
Alien Lea El Sayed ///////////////////////
Head of Science Department Jad Daher Jad Daher
Dr. Kim Campbell ///////////////////////////////// Lea El Sayed
Alien II (computer animated) Jad Daher
Science Department Employee Hazem Daher Hazem Daher


Year Award Category Movie Outcome
2012 HLJ Best Movie Film - Best Movie Alien Attack Nominated
2013 HLJ People's Choice Award People's Choice Alien Attack Nominated