Alien Attack II
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Directed, Edited & Written by

Hazem Daher


Jad Daher & Lea El Sayed

Running Time


Recording Dates

May 25, 2013 -

Release Date(s)

July, 2013

Alien Attack II is a 2013 science fiction horror film and the sequel to Alien Attack, it is directed and written by Hazem Daher. It is the second installment in the Alien Attack (film series). The film stars Jad Daher and Lea El Sayed. The film follows the plan of the alien Alien II (Jad Daher) to invade Earth and the humans trying to stop the alien invasion being led by super-genius scientist Kim Campbell (Lea El Sayed). The film is produced by Jad Daher and Hazem Daher and will be distributed by HLJ Movies and BlooTube.


The plot takes place a year after the first film.

As the alien, Alien II has matured, it sends a message to it's planet through an advanced super computer to attack Earth...

Cast (so far)Edit

  • Jad Daher as Alien II
  • Lea El Sayed as Kim Campbell



The film was written by Hazem Daher.


Ever since Alien Attack, Hazem Daher has wanted to make a sequel so he did even though he was directing and acting in two other films which are: Mr. Experiments 2: Return Of Dr. Alcohol & Wild Night.


Even though Hazem Daher was supposed to play Alien II, he turned down the role to direct the film and gave it to Jad Daher but he will still appear in a cameo role.


Filming started on May 25, 2013.\

Visual Effects, Design & Make-upEdit

Visual Effects: Visual effects will be made by Hazem Daher.

Design: The design is made by Hazem Daher & Lea El Sayed.

Make-up: Make-up is handled by Hazem Daher & Lea El Sayed too.