Daddy, I Want A New Phone
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Episode No.

Series: 04 - Season: 04

Production No.



September 22, 2012

Guest Stars



Lara El Sayed as Emily Begone


Jessica asks her father if he can get her a new phone but he tells her that she has to come up with the money herself but she has a hard time finding a good job.


Jessica enters the living room where her dad is reading a book. She asks him if he can buy her a new phone but he refuses and he tells her to get a job so she can get the money herself. He suggests working with JoJo at the music store. Jessica goes down to the music store and asks about JoJo and if she can get a job there. However, the owner tells her that JoJo was fired in the morning and then he hires her.

After a while, Jessica enters her house looking exhausted. Max asks her what's the matter and she tells him that she had a fight with a customer and got fired but instead of comforting her, Max makes her more angry. Then, she asks her mom's advice about how can she get a good job to get a phone. Her mom suggests working at the electronic store and Jessica finally succeeds.

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