Daughter Experiments
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Daughter Experiments


July 3, 2009


The Big Experiment: 2 - The Science Convention: 2


Siblings: Shiny Experiments

Parents: Dr. Experiments - Unnamed Mother


Lara El Sayed

First Appearance

The Big Experiment

Daughter is Dr. Experiments' daughter and Shiny's baby sister. She likes to eat and drink everything in her way.

The Big ExperimentEdit

Dr. Experiments goes to check on daughter but she goes into the lab and drinks the Growth Potion which makes her grow huge and go destroy the city. Then, Dr. Experiments gets a shrinking potion from Dr. Alcohol and when she drinks it, all of her body shrinks except for her feet which remain large.

The Science ConventionEdit

In the movie, Daughter appears once when Dr. Experiments is in the science convention hospital standing next to his bed.