Family Reunion
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Episode No.

Series: 3 - Season: 3

Production No



August 31, 2012

Guest Stars



JoJo - Lara El Sayed as Emily Begone


The Begones are having a family reunion but John is having trouble to get to his brother's house in time.


Jessica is sitting curiously next to Max who is playing on his phone as usual. She asks him when is the family reunion and he answers with "i Don't Know". Then she asks him who is coming to the family reunion and he replies with the same answer. then she asks him where is her dad and he replies with the same answer again so she gets mad and asks him "What do you know" and he replies "That there'es a family reunion". Max leaves to his friend's house. After a while, Jessica goes to the door, her mom asks her where she is going and she replies "To the store". Then, her mother asks her if she can get Max on her way back and Jessica reluctantly agrees. John calls his brother and tells him that he won't make it to the family reunion because his car is broken and he can't find a taxi. They argue a little but then they come up with a solution.

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