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Series: 01 - Season: 01.

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August 7, 2012.

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Jessica goes to the mall without permission from her dad so he grounds her.


Jessica tells Max that she is going to the store. She leaves, butr after a few minutes her dad enters Max's room and asks him about Jessica, and Max tells him that she went to the store. When Jessica comes back from the store, Max tells her that their father grounded her. She shouts, "What did I do?" Max tells her that she went to the store without permission from her dad. Then,Jessica's mom enters her room and tells her that she wants to take her to the mall but she tells her that her dad grounded her. The mother gets mad and fights with her husband and wins. JoJo visits Max and tells him that he heard that his mother kicked his dad's butt. Then, he asks him about what is he doing on his face and mistakes it for a rat but Max tells him that it is his dad's moustache.

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