Happy Halloween???
Snapshot 1 (12-28-2012 4-34 PM)

Episode No.

Series: 9-10-11 - Season (1): 9-10 Season (2): 1

Production No.



October 31, 2012 (Part 1) - November 1, 2012 (Part 2) - January 5, 2013 (Part 3)

Guest Stars

Hazem Daher as Supernatural (Large) Zilla




Zilla is planning to destroy the world. TO reveals that Zilla is a human with super-anger so she gets supernatural powers when she sees the thing she mostly hates which is the full moon. There will be a full moon on Halloween, the night becomes full of frightness because Zilla will end the world with the help of O and TO.


Part 1Edit

Zilla is planning to destroy the world and O interferes asking if she needs help. TO tells O that Zilla is a human with super-anger and that she will gain supernatural powers when she sees the full moon (which she hates and will appear on Halloween). O is curious that if the whole world will be destroyed, won't the gang die too? Zilla explains that she has a spaceship to save them.

Part 2Edit

Zilla sees the full moon and gets bigger (gains supernatural powers). She starts making natural disasters all over the world to destroy it, O and TO use weapons and missiles to destroy the world.

Part 3Edit

Zilla sees a penny and everything gets back to normal. TO reveals that humans with super-anger get back to normal when they see the thing they mostly love (in Zilla's case it's pennies).

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