Mr. Experiments: The Science Convention
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Distributed By

HLJ Movies Comedy, YouTube

Directed, Edited & Written By

Hazem Daher


Jad Daher; Lea El Sayed; Hazem Daher; Lara EL Sayed

Production Company


Viewers (hundreds)


Running Time

25 minutes

Recording Date

April 20 - May 19, 2012

Release Date(s)

May 31, 2012; June 5, 2012 (Full Version)



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Mr. Experiments: The Science Convention is an action/comedy film based on a successful scientist called Dr. Experiments who is constantly creating potions that can make impossible things to humans, animals and non-living objects. But he has a nemesis, Dr. Alcohol, who always sabotages his work. He meets his biggest fan in the movie and they fight with Dr. Alcohol with the help of Officer Jo.

Summary (spoiler alert: this article contains all the movie details, for the beginning only, see the plot above)Edit

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Max is a big fan of science. His favorite scientist is Dr. Expriments, he collects all his potions and DVDs. He wants to meet him in the 2012 science convention. Meanwhile, Dr. Experimants and his daughter Shiny are picking a cape for Dr. Experiments to wear at the science convention. They pick a red cape/robe and Dr. Experiments leaves for the science convention.

In the science convention, Max meets Dr. Experiments and gets him to sign his stuff. Max faints afterwards, but Dr. Experiments helps him. Then, Dr. Alcohol mocks Dr. Experiments so they start a fight and Dr. Experiments loses and ends up in the science convention hospital. Max and Daughter visit him at the hospital and Max goes to have a little talk with Dr. Alcohol. When Max arrives at Dr. Alcohol's luxury house, he starts talking with him about his fight with Dr. Experiments. Then, he goes back to the hospital where Dr. Experiments is still in bed, and he informs him that Dr. Alcohol will not get near him again.

Max and Dr. Experiments return to the science convention to present Dr. Experiments' Growth Potion to the people, but Dr. Alcohol exchanged the Growth Potion with a Blow Potion so everything exploded when Dr. Experiments used it.

Dr. Experiments goes with Max to Dr. Alcohol's luxury house again and they have a fight with him but they end up being tied up by Dr. Alcohol. Dr. Alcohol thinks that their is something wrong with the Growth Potion since it didn't work well on Shiny and Daughter previously, so he wants to fix it. But Dr. Experiments informs Max that their is nothing with it unless you use it the wrong way So Max yells that tthere is nothing wrong with making Dr. Alcohol know that. Dr. Alcohol says that he will just drink it but Max gets mad and cuts the rope and attacks Dr. Alcohol before he can do that. Then, he unties Dr. Experiments so he can help him. Dr. Experiments takes the Growth Potion and threatens Dr. Alcohol to throw it out the window, but a police officer, Jo, interferes and arrests Dr. Alcohol but as soon as they get outside the house, Dr. Alcohol hits Officer Jo and escapes.

Dr. Experiments goes out and helps Officer Jo asking him what happened. Jo tells him what happened with him and Dr. Alcohol so Dr. Experiments tells him to make a potion with Max that will make a person dumb, the Dumb Potion. He gives him the recipe and tells him that he wants it done by the time he comes back with Dr. Alcohol. Max and Jo start making the potion and Dr. Experiments goes to get Dr. Alcohol.

Dr. Experiments goes to a place between two buildings where he finds Dr. Alcohol and fights with him. The two scientists chase each other and end up at the science convention in the room where Max and Jo are making the potion. They say its done, and Dr. Alcohol mistakes it for the Growth Potion. He says that in one sip he will destroy Dr. Experiments and starts to drink it. Max wanted to say that it was not the Growth Potion but Dr. Experiments slaps him making him faint before he can continue his sentence. Officer Jo arrests Dr. Alcohol but this time he does not struggle because he is so dumb after drinking the Dumb Potion.

Max wakes up and he goes with Dr. Experiments to present the real Growth Potion to the people and it works!


No. Title Artist Length
1 Theme Song - Mystery iTunes 00:55
2 Mr. Experiments Heart Beat 00:41
3 Kalimba (Remix) DJAY Foxx & Mr. Scruff 05:23
4 Action Heart Beat 00:27
Total Length 07:26


A sequel, "Mr. Experiments 2: Revenge Of Dr. Alcohol", is being recorded currently.

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