Mr. Experiments 2: Return Of Dr. ALcohol

Directed & Written by

Hazem Daher

Edited by

Hazem Daher & Jad Daher


Jad Daher; Lea El Sayed; Hazem Daher

Production Company


Recording Date

November 10, 2012 - November, 2013

Release Date(s)

December, 2013

Mr. Experiments 2: Revenge Of Dr. Alcohol is an upcoming sequel of the original movie Mr. Experiments: The Science Convention in 2013. It is being filmed currently.


Dr. Alcohol escapes from jail and says he turned good. But things get suspicious later when he invites Dr. Experiments to his house and is left alone with him...


It was announced that more than half of the movie has been filmed and edited and only the other half must be filmed. The movie's trailer is supposed to be released in early July/August 2013 and the movie should be released summer 2013.


No. Title Artist Length
1 Theme Song Heart Beat 00:54
2 Bad Experiment Heart Beat 01:16
3 The Doctor Is Back Heart Beat 01:52