Out Of Jail

Episode No.

Series: 1 & 2 - Season: 1 & 2

Production No.

101 - 102


August 29, 2012 (Part 1) - August 31, 2012 (Part 2)

Guest Stars



Lea El Sayed as O'

"Out Of Jail" is the first & second episodes of the series, Zilla.


Zilla is in jail but her assistant TO had a plan for breaking her out.


Part 1:Edit

Zilla is in jail, a police officer tells her that she will never get out, he shakes the door to test if it is locked or not, when he is satisfied that it is locked, he goes away. TO enters the building and arrives infront of Zilla's dungeon. He breaks the door with his super-strength and tells Zilla to go out.

Part 2:Edit

The police officer notices that Zilla is gone and goes in search for her. He stops Zilla and TO before they get out, but TO starts a fight with him. He tells Zilla to stay behind him and starts hitting the officer. The officer loses conscience so Zilla comes and hits him. However, the hit wakes him up but TO contiinues the fight until he kills him.

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