Shiny Experiments
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Shiny Experiments


April 19, 1997


The Big Experiment: 14 - The Science Convention: 15 - Return of Dr. Alcohol: 16


Siblings: Daughter Experiments

Parents: Dr. Experiments - Unnamed Mother



Portrayed By

Lea El Sayed

First Appearance

The Big Experiment

Shiny is Dr. Experiments' teenaged daughter. She is usually attracted to shiny things. She usually fights aggressively to get them. Usually when Shiny and a shiny thing are in the room, someone gets hurt.

The Big ExperimentEdit

Shiny gets attracted to a shiny needle which her father is using to pour the Growth Potion so she fights to get it but eventually stings herself by accident so her butt grows huge. Then, her father gets a shiny potion which will make her butt shrink ao she drinks it.

The Science ConventionEdit

In the movie, Shiny only appears in one scene at the beginning where her father is picking a cape/robe to wear to the science convention and is taking Shiny's advice about it so when he shows it to her she says that she prefers shiny and she shouts "Shiny! Shiny! Shiny!" Then her father says that everything is shiny with Shiny.