The Cat That Followed Me Home
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Season (1): 5 - Series: 5

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October 16, 2012

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Max finds a cat but has to return it to it's owner with the help of Jessica. Meanwhile, Emily is crying.


Max finds a cat and brings it home, Jessica thinks it's cute but their father tells them that they have to return it to its owner. JoJo comes and sees Max hanging posters about the found cat and tells him that he sees that he has a lost cat. Max, not knowing that JoJo can read, thinks that JoJo has super powers but JoJo tells him that he can read which surprises Max. Max tells Jessica that JoJo can read and she too is very surprised. Meanwhile, Emily cries day and night.

The next day, Jessica asks Max about the cat and he tells her that its owner claimed it. Then, when Emily stops crying, Max and Jessica go check on her and find her with the cat. It turns out that the cat's owner is Emily.

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