The President's Ultimate Weapon is Mine

Episode No.

Series: 7 - Season: 7

Producction No.



October 5, 2012



Guest Stars



Zilla goes to the President's house and robs him with the help of her two loyal assistants, O and TO.


While Zilla, O and TO are sitting in their car counting the money, Zilla tells them that she wants to rob the President. O gets very excited and tells his master that he would kill himself to help her, but TO stops him. Zilla drives and TO has a bad feeling about this. He tells O that Zilla can't drive the car but when she asks him about what he said, he denies it. Then, Zilla threatens to kill him and he admits that he said that she can't drive. When they arrive, Zilla points at a box and tells TO to get it, then he takes a giant box and they escape.

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