Wild Night is a 2013 comedy film that partly paordies Twilight and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. It will be released in June/July 2013.


Bella leaves home searching for a place of peace and quiet, but along the way, she meets Edward, a vampire, and Jacob, a werewolf, who both fall in love with her. She ditches them both to continue her journey, but they follow her and when they meet, they start fighting since vampires and werewolves are enemies.

Bella tries to stop them from fighting, but after many failing attempts, she starts to fight them both and then leaves them.

Again, they track her down individually and arrive to see her at the same time. They start fighting again and Bella fights them both. She tries to flee but ends up hiding, so, when they were alone, Edward bites Jacob but it doesn't injure him since he moved his head before any blood came out.

Later, Bella comes back to stop them but ends upp fighting too. Furiously, Edward bites Bella in the nose and accidentally removes her face's skin which causes her to pass out and then leave after she wakes up.


A sequel, Wild Night 2: Face Removal has started filming. A second sequel, Wild Night 3: Baby Giant will start filming after the filming for the second film finishes.