Wild Night is a comedy film series that parodies The Twilight Saga. The first film will be released in June/July 2013, while the second film's date of release is not known yet but filming has started. There will be a third film but nothing is known about filming it or it's date of release.


The first films is half based on Twilight as the main characters are Bella, Jacob the werewolf, and Edward the vampire. The story also follows how both Edward and Jacob want Bella, but the part that does not relate to Twilight is that Bella has a split-personality as sometimes she doesn't want either Edward or Jacob and fights with them, and sometimes she loves them and wants them to stop fighting over her.

Plot SummaryEdit

Bella travels away from her home to find a place where she can live peacefully and away from all her problems. On the way she meets Jacob the werewolf who falls in love with her, and then she meets Edward the vampire who also falls in love with her. However, she leaves both of them behind to continue her journey, but, they follow her and once they meet, they start fighting. Bella then fights with both of them violently until Edward gets furious and bites her nose and removes the skin on her face.


Wild Night (2013)Edit

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Bella moves out of the house to find a place of peace and quiet but along the way she meets a begger werewolf, Jacob and a vampire, Edward, who both fall in love with her...

Wild Night Part 2: Face Removal (2013)Edit

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After getting her face skin removed, Bella is transfered to a hospital and is treated but Jacob rips her skin again along with Edward's skin. They both get treated but after two fail attempts, the doctor gets it right. Meanwhile Bella is pregnant with Edward's baby...

Wild Night Part 3: Baby Giant (2014)Edit

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When Bella gives birth, her baby grows into a giant and Jacob imprints on her...

Wild Night: The Complete Story (2014)Edit

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This is the complete wild night story and a mixture of all three films.