Wild Night 2: Face Removal is a sequel to Wild Night and has started filming in May, 2013. It will be released in late 2013. It partly parodies The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 because Bella is pregnant with Edward's baby.


After getting her face's skin removed, Bella is moved to the hospital and Jacob goes with her. After the surgery, Edward comes to her room but Jacob starts a fight with both of them and ends up biting off both Bella's and Edward's face skin.

Another doctor comes in and performs a surgery on both of them but puts Bella's skin on Edward's face and Edward's skin on Bella's face. He performs the surgery again and puts the right skin on each, but puts the faces upside down. The doctor performs the surgery for a third time until he gets it right.

Afterwards, the doctor examines Bella and discovers that she is pregnant with Edward's baby. She gives birth to hyper baby. Jacob comes in and discovers that the two have a baby so he fights with Edward but ends up getting bitten.


A sequel, Wild Night 3: Baby Giant will start filming after this movie is released and it will be released in 2014.