You're on Your Own, Zilla

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Series: 13 Season (2): 3

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January 19, 2013

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TO has to travel to New York to check on his family and will be taking his van with him. O purchased an airplane ticket to go to California to celebrate his little brother, Bro's graduation. Zilla is 'Ok' with staying by herself in Washington D.C. and doean't seem to care much about them going and leaving her alone.

The next day, Zilla is on the streets by herself when three cops catch her. The leader orders his assistants to get her, one of the cops approaches her but she hits him so hard that he loses conscience. The other cop holds up his gun but Zilla shoots him first killing him. The other cop regains conscience and is about to kill Zilla but she shoots him. The lead cop gets scared and runs away.

TO arrives at New York and his family welcomes him. Meanwhile, O arrives at Califronia and he meets his brother, Bro, and both are glad to see eachother. O and TO are both daydreaming of what Zilla is doing right now, TO imagines her sleeping while O imagines her killing some cops.

The next day, the leader cop tracks Zilla and decides to attack her. She shoots him but he shows her that he is wearing a bullet-proof vest. She calls O and tells him to bring down the missile on the cop. He does what she said and tells her that he 'misses her'. But she tells him to 'Shut up'.

The following day, O and TO come back to Washington D.C. but Zilla welcomes them by saying, "Hi, sit down and let's go!" They both miss being bossed around.


Filming  & Release Dates:Edit

This episode is scheduled to start filming on January 25, 2013 and will be released on January 26, 2013.

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