Zilla's Cop Murder Spree

Episode No.

Series: 14 Season (2): 4

Production No.



January 26, 2013

Guest Stars

Hazem Daher as Cop #1




Zilla is very angry at the cops because they are always getting in her way in her attempts to destroy the world. So, she arranges a murder spree to get them to lower in number so it's easier for her to destroy the world.


O tells TO that he heard Zilla talking about making a cop murder spree. TO tells O that Zilla has already told him about it and that she already killed seven cops (she shot 4 and stabbed 3), and she also told him that at 3 o'clock the gang will go to the jailhouse  to continue the murder spree.

In the afternoon, the gang went to the jailhouse and killed three cops and then Zilla wanted to get to the police station. But O gave her the idea of blowing up the police station so she does.


  • In this episode, Zilla acts as a serial killer.
  • In this episode, Zilla is very similar to Ghostface in the Scream movies and later appears in the 2-part episode "Zilla vs. Ghostface".
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